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  • The circuitry inside the cable to detect the status of the battery is very sensitive. Your device may show that the battery is fully harged, but the LED on the cable is flashing red and blue. This is normal and may becaused by an aging battery or your device may still be drawing enough power to have the cable detect the battery as not being fully charged.
  • The power source connected to your iPad must be 5V / 2.1A.
Model No. Description Datasheet
VP-901C VP-901C_EDM_ilightcable
  • The 30 Pin to USB Smart Sync / Charge Cable connects your iPod, iPhone
    or iPad to a USB port on your computer for efficient data syncing and
    battery charging, or convenient charging from a wall outlet when
    connected to a USB power adapter.
  • The LED LIGHT will indicate your charging status at a glance without
    having to activate the screen.
  • Update Apps, Music, Pictures & more to your iPod / iPhone / iPad with
    the Smart Sync / Charge Cable.
  • Officially Licensed by Apple.
LED Light Indication:
  • Red-Battery capacity 0-94%
  • Flashing Red/Blue - Battery capacity 95-99%
  • Blue-Battery full charged, capacity 100%
    *These three steps will only happen with iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad

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